Draft Rules Update September 23th, 2020

Posted by: Donald Long for John Sears
Update Location: Donald Long’s FB Page
Posted on 9/23/20

Note: These changes were implemented in the official rule set 9/29/20.


We don’t have time to screw around we have to have a solid set of rules. These are them. John Laura Sears sent these to me as final and this is what we will use. Thank you.

Please do not call, text nasty messages to John or myself. Rules were made I’m sure to create parity so you still will have a class to race. Please do not make excuses about covers that you have sitting in your trailer or other pro chargers that you have sitting around your house. Please install these items and get ready to have the baddest race in the world. If you however decide that this is just absolutely something you cannot live with then you can use your sweet 16 entry next year instead. There will be no refunds because you have cheated your way or loophole or whatever else excuse that you come up with. The rules have been looked at by a few people that are not by us and feel like these are definitely fair for all combos not just yours alone. THESE ARE LOCKED.

****** 50,000 WIN*******

1. Blower F3D-102 and F3D-106 limited to 10.5 inch volute and 6.0 inch exducer . XB105 and XB102 will need to carry their factory measurements as well.

2. Welded covers not permitted on any 80/85/88. Cover revision in March 2020 applies across the board for all turbos.

3. All air must enter the turbo through the 80/85/88 mm inducer. Any other means of entry not permitted.

4. Lock Up Trans/Converter Combo +150 lbs. on Turbo/Blower combo with billet head or billet block. (this is a +50)

5. Gas/Q16 88/85 Turbo with 134 mm or larger exducer tip to tip measurement will add 25 lbs.

6. Gas/Q16 88 Turbo will be +25 from base (this is actually a +50 lbs. overall)

5. BB NOS Fogger -50

6. Blower with inline head & mass produced cast intake -50

These will be in place for the remainder of the year. Get in where you fit in.

WSOX Sweet16
No Mercy
Radial Fest
Fall Brawl

Shane Heckel
Marshall Pearcy
Billy Smith
Mark Moore
Eric LaFerriere
Manny Buginga