This site was created because I was tired of hearing numerous X275 racers not being able to find the “latest” version of the rules. Sometimes they are posted on John’s FB page, sometimes on Ducks, sometimes it’s just “word of mouth” that there was a rule change. That just plain creates a ton of confusion.

All of the old “official” X275 websites are dead, virus infected or broken, you might find a copy somewhere on a race track’s website that are from 2017, 2018, etc. SO, I had some time the other day and busted this thing out real quick. I make no money off this, I’m not charging any one for this, there are no ads, nothing. Just a contribution to fellow racers to try and help. If Sears wants to post his rules here, fine, if not I’ll copy them and put them here unless he tells me to stop.

The content here should be exactly what was posted in the random locations as noted, I’ve made no content changes other than a little formating to make it readable.

John Heard