Rules Update October 1st, 2020

Rules Change Date: Effective Change 10/1/20
Posted by: John Sears
Update Location: John Sears FB Page
Posted on 9/9/20

Note: These changes haven’t been applied to the actual rule set “yet”, it’s assumed the posted rules will be updated with modifications as shown below in the near future –

Rules update for X275: in effect 1 OCTOBER 2020

1. Find a factory unit, measure it and make sure you are in compliance.


Body must retain original appearances and profiles for year being used. OEM body shell must be intact. Light weight body panels are restricted to hood, fenders, bumpers, doors and deck-lid/trunk-lid or hatch. Composite roof panels are permitted on 2005 and newer vehicles. Hood and deck-lid/trunk-lid may be hinged or lift off style. If hood is not separated from fenders the ability to access the engine compartment in the event of a fire must exist. All front ends must be of factory dimensions and cannot be narrowed or lengthened. Minor alterations or aerodynamic modifications are permitted with prior tech approval. I.E. front valance/air dam etc. Body must be finished or painted. Pre- 1964 body style will receive -25 deduction

2. Turbos and Centrifugal Superchargers

All air must enter through the inducer minor – I.E. the smallest inlet dimensions called out in the rules. Applies to forward facing map grooves. (If you don’t understand this call your turbo or blower company and they can explain it) we fixed this earlier in the year with our turbos unless I’ve called out a specific size. Just making it clear for you Centrifugal Supercharger guys too.

The PTE 85 mm units with the welded cover will continue to be evaluated. There are two known users I believe at this time: Bob Clayton and Brendan Mills that will be grandfathered in under this. If you are planning on using the latest 85mm it must have the revised cover in place and comply with the updated rules.

Gas Turbo combos with non-inline cast/cast or any cast/billet powerplant will carry an additional 50lbs. when using new generation PTE/Forced Induction 88mm units.
Mod motor combination with new generation 88 or 85 will carry an additional 50lbs.

3. Big Block Nitrous will be able to deduct 50 lbs. if using a fogger.

4. Small cubes I’m keeping my eye on you too.